We remove the inevitable frustration of finding a parking space in St Ives (notoriously
difficult for parking), by letting you reserve your space calmly, in advance, before you even
set off on your journey. Happy days!

Individual spaces available

The space is yours for the duration of your stay with us.

24hrs unlimited access

Key-coded gate allows you to access your vehicle whenever it suits you.


Local taxi services are available to get you and your luggage to your accommodation.

CCTV and floodlights

Your vehicle will be safe in our secure compound with the use of CCTV and floodlights.

Anyone who has been to St. Ives will know of its beauty. Much of this charm comes by way of some very narrow streets which, in turn, means great difficulty in parking. During summer months there are often long queues of vehicles, exasperating motorists before their holiday has even started. However, we have eliminated all your worries!

Now you can just turn up (with a pre-arranged gate code) and your space will be ready, more importantly, it will be yours for the entire duration of your stay.

We advise you to use the suggested route and to turn off your sat. nav. to avoid possible delays coming into St Ives. So what are you waiting for?