Our parking services are invaluable for anybody visiting St Ives. Our spaces are individually sectioned off, avoiding the risk of scratches to, or from, neighbouring vehicles. The whole area is floodlit and monitored 24/7 by CCTV. The gate is secured with a key-coded combination lock – this number will be sent to you with the confirmation of your booking.

Although it is only a 15 minute walk into the heart of St Ives local taxi services are available. During peak times we advise you to drop off your passengers and luggage, at or near to your accommodation, and then call a taxi to meet you at the car park. Taxi numbers are sent upon booking. There are also town centre shuttle buses operating close by.

Secure parking compound

CCTV and floodlights

24 hour unlimited access

Key-coded gate

Guaranteed space for the duration

Boats, trailers etc welcome (book these as extra spaces)

Parking available for long term

Generous space for 4x4s

2 minute drive to heart of St Ives

15 minute walk to the town centre